Architectural virtual presentations

VR 360° Renderings

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Architectural virtual presentations

Experience projects from a completely new perspective

Real time 360° renderings

What we offer?
  • interior design concept
  • 3D modelling
  • photorealistic images in real time
  • 360° virtual tour
  • implementation in your website

Real time renderings - unlike panoramic 360° renderings, real time renderings don`t have distorted perspective, don`t have fixed panoramic viewpoints, allow the examination of each detail from every angle and allow free movement in all virtual space.

Free movement - Along free movement in all virtual space there is the possibility to create predefined scenes that highlight best space perspectives and ensure easy access to areas with different functions.

Dynamic components - helpful instruments for presentations that can be defined in virtual space like:
  • musical background
  • audio explanations
  • text explanations
  • links
  • change decor action button
  • html window inside presentation


Virtual tour - sales and marketing instrument transforming the buying experience for:
agencies, real estate, offices, hotels

3D visualization of space

Potential buyers/Beneficiaries can experiment space even with 3D glasses long before the construction or the interior. They can freely walk to observe each detail and can experience spatial depth, feeling like they are really at the location.

Realistic experience of space

Unlike classic 3D renderings, real time renderings are not limited to a few predefined viewpoints and don`t have distorted corners, making the experience as real as possible.

Helping and convincing clients

Many times, potential clients don`t have the necessary training to look over architectural projects and visualize the space. The possibility of spatial deepness experience makes them feel like they are really there, transforming a project in something touchable and increasing credibility.

Experiencing multiple options in real time

With dynamic components, the client can choose and visualize in real time different predefined decors, can see text explanations, can hear audio explanations, can access links etc. This is also a useful post-purchase service because the client can set up his place in real time with the real estate`s available decors in order to create the design he wants.

Unlimited accessibility

The real time virtual tour can be site embedded, offering unconditional and unlimited space experience for potential clients even with their mobile phones.

High benefit/costs report

The benefits are multiple in response to the costs of realizing a complete project for VR 360‎‎‎° virtual architectural presentations.

Offer your customers the most complex and interactive experience of presenting interior spaces, right from the project phase. Discover, in the gallery below, the final result!

About us

We transform the experience of building buying

Interior design experience

We are a team with wide experience in interior design, most of our members being in this field since at least 10 years ago, covering from concept to project management.

We like what we do

We like challenges, we always look to the future and try to go beyond ourselves. Therefore, we have focused on creating spaces in virtual realities.

Guaranteed satisfaction

We provide a service to highest standards that will help you close faster and with an increased success rate your sales.

Last generation technologies

We use last generation technologies to create architectural virtual presentation.

Young team

We are a young enthusiastic and motivated team, but with enough experience to deliver a new service at high quality standards.

Correct price

To realize a full project, from concept to virtual tour, several operations are necessary. The costs are calculated according to the complexity of these operations, and their level is reduced in comparison with the benefits.


on any device

Send the link or integrate it into the website. View anytime from any device without installing anything.


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